Cristiana of Sheffield

Vital Signs
Name: Cristiana Marie
Age: Ancillae
Clan: Toreador

Concept: Power behind the "throne" of the Sheffield fief and fresh addition to the Cainite politics in the British Isles. Her husband is a fairly old man, frail and afflicted with some disease of the innards. The fact that she has not appeared to age in 30 years is attributed to her husband's first wife having purportedly died and his remarrying to a young woman of the next generation from the same anglo family - if suspected by any outsider, the doubter is rapidly quashed via Presence and blood bonding. The entire Fief of Sheffield is blood bound to her through various means. It is needless to say that they love their lord's "young" wife very, very much, and are more loyal to her than most are to God. Within the Sheffield region Cristiana is as good as a living saint; a fair gentlewoman who dotes upon the poor, entreats upon her husband for better conditions for vassals, and cares for the city in the soft way that only a woman of influence can. She is not, however, believed by anybody save Cainites to be in a position of leadership - that is her husband's purview. This mask is stringently maintained.

Merits & Flaws of note: Harmless, Territorial (Sheffield Castle), Secrets (plot hook).