The following is a list of terms that readers will encounter in Dark Ages: Inquisitor. Some of them are merely religious in nature, some are specific to the game.

  • Ascetic: The practice of self-denial as a way of religious life; from the Greek asketikos, meaning laborious.
  • Convent: A monastic community of men or women.
  • Council of Faith: A ruling body of inquisitors. Large cities or regions have a Council of Faith, which performs trials and arbitrates inquisitor activity. The Supreme Council of Faith is located in Rome.
  • Eremitic: A monastic vocation in which individuals withdrew from the world to live as solitary religious; from the Greek eremos, meaning desert.
  • Grand Inquisitor: The supreme head of the entire shadow inquisition. During the Dark Medieval, the only Grand Inquisitor to date has been Cardinal Battista Marzone.
  • Holy Office: The public face of the Inquisition; the arm of the organization concerned with mundane heresy. Most members of the Holy Office know nothing of the shadow Inquisition.
  • House of Murnau: An order of the Inquisition; a Bavarian noble house promised en masse to the service of the Inquisition.
  • Indulgence: Remission of punishment granted to acts such as going on a Crusade or on pilgrimage.
  • Inquisition: Also called the shadow Inquisition or secret Inquisition. An organization within the Catholic Church dedicated to seeking out and destroying supernatural evil.
  • Inquisitor: A member of the shadow Inquisition. Usually, but not always a member of one of the five orders.
  • Novice: Woman or man who has entered a convent or monastery but has not yet taken final vows.
  • Oblation: Offering oneself or child to serve God as a nun or monk.
  • Oculi Dei: An order of the Inquisition; a secret society that spans Europe. Also called Eyes of God.
  • Order of St. Theodosius: Also called the Red Order. An order of the Inquisition; both monks and nuns who have mastered the Holy Art.
  • Orders: One of the five groups from which the Inquisition draws its members.
  • Poor Knights of the Passion of the Cross of Acre: An order of the Inquisition; a military order of monastic knights.
  • Sisters of St. John: An order of the Inquisition; a group of nuns who often exhibit the gift of the Holy Sight.