Fire is one of the few things Cainites fear. It can end their unlives yet is ever present in the Dark Medieval, as cooking fires, braziers and toches. Balancing their fear of fire and a need for it to light their way is one of the inherent contradictions in the unlife of Cainites.

Fire causes aggravated damage and ignores all armor protection. Indeed, metal armor exacerbates the situation by retaining heat. Damage from fire can be soaked by characters with Fortitude, who roll Stamina + Fortitude, the difficulty of the roll depending ont he size and intensity of the fire. Characters without Fortitude cannot soak damage from fire. If he doesn't soak, the victim suffers the full damage of the flames, which are expressed in automatic health levels rather than damage dice. A character whose clothes are on fire, or who is trapped in a fire, continues to take damgage until she escapes or extinguishes the flames.

The external signs of fire injury can be truly horrific. For every two health levels of damage caused by fire, reduce the character's Appearance by one. To a Cainite, this disfigurement is temporary. To a mortal, it is permanent.

Exposure to fire may trigger Rotschreck.

Fire Effects

Soak Difficulty Fire Type
3 Candle Flame
5 Torch
7 Cooking Fire
9 Pyre
10 Molten metal
Agg Wounds/Turn Fire Type
1 Torch (limb burned)
2 Bonfire (half the body exposed)
3 Inferno (all body exposed)