Harmless to mortals, sunlight is the bane of Cainite existence. Even the most diffuse sunlight can burn a vampire as badly as a naked flame, while full sunlight can cause the vampire herself to burst into flames. Like fire, sunlight causes automatic levels of aggravated damage unless soaked, and only characters with the Discipline of Fortitude can do so - players roll Stamina + Fortitude. The difficulty of soaking depends on the intensity of the sunlight, and the damage depends on the amount of skin exposed. A character looking into a sunlit area may suffer temporary blindness as reflected sunlight sears her eyes. Some Cainites claim that moonlight causes them pain, but few suffer any real effects beyond feeling mildly uncomfortable.

The soak roll must be made for each turn of exposure. A botch indicates that the character herself has caught fire and must also deal with the effects of fire. Exposure to sunlight may trigger Rotschreck.

Sunlight Effect

Soak Difficulty Intensity
3 Indirect rays, heavy cloud or twilight.
5 Fully protected by heavy clothes.
7 Indirect light through a window.
9 Outside on a cloudy day or struck directly by a single ray of light.
10 Direct sunlight on a clear day.
Agg Wounds/Turn Exposure
1 Small part of body (hand or face)
2 Large part of body (leg, arm, head)
3 Half or more of body