The recourse of knights and peasant levies, melee weapons are used in man-to-man cmobat. They range from the simplest club to the most expertly crafted sword. Most need no instruction, but some of the more esoteric include:

  • Bastard Sword: A long (roughly three-foot) blade, intended for one or two-handed use.
  • Great Sword: With a blade four to six long, these two-handed weapons are lethal but unwieldy. They cannot be used from horseback.
  • Morning Star: Similar to a mace but with the head connected by the haft to a chain, allowing extra damage but also increase danger to the wielder. (On a botch, the weapon either becomes entangled or strikes the wielder.)
  • Bow, Short: A small weapon, three or four feet long, intended for hunting. It may be used from hroseback (most frequently by Saracen cavalry).
  • Bow, Long: A powerful, six-foot-long weapon intended for war. It may not be used from horseback.
  • Lance: A long, heavy spear intended for use from horseback. The most common cavalry weapon, used to charge opposing infantry or calvary.
  • Lance, Compound: Another Saracen weapon, this is a light and usually hollow lance. It is easier to handle, but it inflicts less damage than its more solid cousins. It is also likely to break when someone else uses it.
  • Saber: A one-handed sword, roughly three feet long, intended for use from horseback.

Damage: A number of dice used to determine damage and its type. B = Bashing, L = Lethal, A = Aggravated.
Conceal: A rough estimate of how easily the weapon or piece of armor can be concealed in clothing. P = may be concealed in a pouch; C = in loose clothing (e.g. a tunic); L = in a long cloak; N = may not be concealed.
Min. Str: The minimum Strength required to use the weapon or armor.
Range: For ranged weapons, the distance (in yards) to which the weapon can be used without penalty. In most conditions, the weapon can be fired at a target at up to twice this distance at a +2 difficulty penalty.
2 Hand: The weapon must be used two-handed.
Fragile: The weapon is prone to breaking. After an attack with it (successful or not) the player rolls a die: on a result of 5 or higher, the weapon breaks and is useless.

Melee Weapons


Weapon Damage Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Hatchet (melee) Str + 3L C 2
Hand Ax Str + 5L L 3
Battle-Ax Str + 6L N 3 2 Hand

Blunt Weapons

Weapon Damage Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Club Str + 1B C 1
Cudgel Str + 1B C 1
Mace Str + 1B L 1
Morning Star Str + 3B L 1 Difficulty +1; may strike user on botch
Warhammer Str + 5B N 3 Difficulty +1; 2 hand


Weapon Damage Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Knife Str + 1L P 1
Dagger Str + 1L C 1 Difficulty -1
Saber Str + 2L L 3
Broadsword Str + 4L N 2
Bastard Sword Str + 5L N 3 (4 one-handed) May be used one or two-handed
Great Sword Str + 6L N 4 Difficulty +1; 2 hand

Long Weapons (no penalty against mounted targets)

Weapon Damage Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Javelin Str L N 2
Pitchfork Str + 1L N 1 2 Hand
Spear (one-handed) Str + 1L N 2 Difficulty +1
Spear (two-handed) Str + 3L N 1 2 Hand
Staff Str + 2B N 1
Poleax Str + 6L N 3 Difficulty +1; 2 Hand
Lance, light 6 or Str L N 2 Fragile
Lance 8 or Str L N 3 Fragile
Lance, compound 9 or Str L N 4 Fragile

Ranged weapons

Missile Weapons

Weapon Damage Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Bow, Long 4L N 4 1 turn to reload
Bow, Short 2L L 2 1 turn to reload
Crossbow, Light 2L L 2 2 turns to reload
Crossbow 3L N 2 3 turns to reload
Crossbow, Heavy 4L N 4 4 turns to reload
Sling 5B C 2 1 turn to reload

Thrown Weapons

Weapon Damage Range Conceal Min. Str. Notes
Knife Str L 15 yards C 2 +1 difficulty
Hatchet Str +1L 20 yards C 2 +1 difficulty
Javelin Str +2L 50 yards N 2
Spear Str +1L 40 yards N 2
Rock Str B 40 yards P 2