The main source of an inquisitor's commitment to his calling is his belief in God. Direct communication with the Lord, through prayer, is a powerful way of boosting his Conviction. However, ordinary prayer will not achieve it on its own. This communication needs to take place on holy ground or jointly with a faithful and dedicated group of believers. Either method can generate enough spiritual power to renew the inquisitor's commitment to God's cause. The character may pray with other members of the Inquisition, but may roll only as many dice as the highest Faith rating represented.

System: The inquisitor must spend an hour in prayer, with his attention fully focused. Any interruption during that hour will prevent the prayer from having the desired effect. The praying must take place on holy ground, over a holy relic, or with a flock. At the end of the hour, roll the Holy Ground rating against a difficulty of 7. The number of successes equals the number of points of Conviction gained. Each additional hour of prayer reduces the difficulty of the roll one by one, to a minimum of 3. Such prayer sessions may be attempted only once per day. For each successive day that the inquisitor attempts to pray, the difficulty of the roll increases by one to a maximum of 10. A character may never raise his Conviction higher than his Piety rating in this manner. God does not force inquisitors into Callousness.