Richelle Armstrong

Name: Richelle Armstrong


Age: 16

Concept: The twinned lover of art, and practicing artist of many spectrum. A child of York, born into minor nobility, talented artist of the time and beautiful to top it all off.

Physical Appearance: A beautiful young woman's face is canvased here, bound by her fine soft
hair of dark brown color that extended down till it was just a mere foot
above the floor breaded all the way down. The light complexion of her skin
brings the depth of her hair color out more. Her eyes color are that of
saphire blue, with what looked like, minuet, gentle starbursts static in her
eyes. The elegant jawline of her leads down to her slender neck. The
dress, of sky blue, rests gently on her shoulders where there is two inches
worth of velvet surrounding her neck and wristcuffs where the color was deep
blue. There was a hemming where the frills of the dress truly started and
fell to the floor. The toes of her covered feet suggest that they are the
same deep blue as the wrists and neckline of the dress. She had some nice
jewelry on, but nothing that was overly impressive.


Name: Richard Armstrong

Age: 16

Concept: The loving and protective twin brother