Road of Sin

Roads are for Medieval vampires. Paths of Enlightenment do not exist yet and may not be selected.

The common folk of the Dark Medieval world know full well that vampires are creatures of the Devil, and many Cainites agree. If they are damned, then why should they not indulge in the dark desires welling up within them? Rather than falling on their knees and begging forgiveness, they exult in their newfound power and use it to satisfy their every wicked impulse. Other Cainites look at these Sinners and see those who have given in to the temptations of the Beast, but they are not mere slaves to their own desires. They master the Beast by indulging and feeding it, existing in cooperation with it. Despite some accusations to the contrary, few Sinners are agents of Hell.

Their interests are as diverse as the depths of sin itself. Some indulge the senses with art, perfumes, music and similar pleasures (although not food and drink, which are denied them). They serve as patrons or muses, or they become obsessive collectors. Others practice the art of seduction, gathering harems of beautiful mortals. They play the heart like a finely tuned lute. Some corrupt others and lead them into lives of indulgence and excess for their own amusement and vicarious enjoyment. They explore the limits of pain and degredation mortals (and even other Cainites) can suffer. because they are already damned, nothing is forbidden to them.

In fact, the only thing that is truly forbidden to the followers of the Road of Sin is failing to satisfy their endless need for indulgence. Through it, they feed the Beast and keep it sated. Denial awakens the hunger within them, and forces the Beast to take matters into its own bloody hands. Sinners know the Beast better than most, and they have no desire to become its slaves. Sinners know that total denial of the Beast only strengthens it in the long run, leading to an ultimate destruction of the self. And Sinners value the self above all else.

Sobriquet: Sinners

Road Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

Aura: Seduction. The Sinners are temptation incarnate, and they have an uncanny knack for knowing the desires of others. The aura modifier affects rolls to tempt and seduce others.


  • Path of the Devil: You are damned, and you serve Hell on Earth.
  • Path of Cruelty: Inflict your pain and hate on others and soothe it in yourself.
  • Path of Pleasure: Indulge all your desires, for they lead you to your true self.

—Hierarchy of sins against Infamy:

10 Acknowledging any moral restraint
9 Failing to indulge a new desire
8 Failing to ride the wave of a frenzy
7 Refusing to tempt the virtuous
6 Avoiding injury to others at the cost of your own pleasure
5 Turning down a chance for material gain
4 Acting against your own best interests
3 Refusing to kill when it is in your best interest
2 Refusing to feed when the opportunity arises
1 Encouraging virtue or aiding agents of virtue