Road of the Serpent

Roads are for Medieval vampires. Paths of Enlightenment do not exist yet and may not be selected.

The Road of Sin practiced by many Setites operating in Europe is a trend brought about by the Decadent pursuit of corruption for corruption's sake. The original, pure form of Setite worship is the Road of the Serpent or Via Serpentis. It is much more religious in its overtones than one might think, emphasizing devotion to Set as the true god and spawning corruption for the purpose of returning man to his carnal, bestial origins, thus restoring balance and weakening the tyranny of Ra and Osiris. Depending on a Setite character's origins and his individual beliefs, he may choose whichever of the two philosophies that is most appropriate.

Followers of the traditional Via Serpentis seek to undermine the foundations of order and society in all its incarnations, and erode virtue and restraint in the individual. They spread war, disease and misery wherever they can, for desperation is the quickest path to human barbarity. Sometimes, as in the case of Rome, Setites will support ruling institutions if its actions facilitate the spread of unrest and corruption across its domain.

Most Cainites believe that only Setites follow the Via Serpentis, but this is not the case. Indeed, the seduction and corruption of Cainites can lead them to becoming servitors of Set and following the god's Road. To qualify, however, a Cainite must show supreme dedication to the ideals of the dark god. Most of these Cainites undergo a ritual similar to the religious Embrace of Setites.

Sobriquet: N/A

Road Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

Aura: N/A

Paths: N/A

Hierarchy of sins against Set:

10 Failing to indulge in the most trivial of physical urges
9 Failing to immediately sate one's carnal desires
8 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a mortal
7 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a vampire
6 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a holy figure
5 Failing to undermine the prevailing mortal environment
4 Failing to undermine the current social order
3 Protecting an individual's virtue
2 Punishing an individual for indecent behavior
1 Actively enforcing the rule of law