The Five Orders

The five orders have different destinies, but for the time beig, the Inquisition forces them to work together. This does not mean all the members work together seamlessly. Often, the loyalty is to one's order before the Inquisition, and those duties push and pull the inquisitor while he tries to do his job. The inquisitor finds himself torn - does he serve the masters from his order or does he serve the masters of the Inquisition? What happens when the orders conflict?

When the member does find himelf in conflict, he falls back on those beliefs and teachings of his order. From there, he must decide what is best for him, best for the order and best for Christendom. The orders provide a personal identity, a path to faith and a way to God for the members. They bring together very passionate souls with a certain opinions and beliefs and turn them into soldiers of Christendom.

The orders do not always cooperate. An Eye of God feels more than a little annoyance when a Knight hefts a great sword and dashes into a castle, and the Sister wonders whether her friend, the Brother of the Red Order, really needs another vial of demon blood. But, the great challenge of working in the secret and most holy Inquisition is overcoming such base prejudices and working together toward a greater good.

The order descriptions on the following pages are arranged thus:

  • Title: The name of the order.
  • Overview: A brief look at the history, beliefs and structure of the order.
  • Appearance: What a given member of the order might look like, including habits and standards (in the case of the clerical orders).
  • Initiation: The standard methods by which a pilgrim might come to join the order.
  • Organization: A condensed explanation of the order's hierarchy.
  • Holdings: The locations of the order's most important chapter-houses.
  • Superior Virtue: Which of the three Superior Virtues the order prizes.
  • Curse: The category of Curse that most commonly afflicts the order.
  • Order Benefit: The game effects of the order's benefits, should the player choose to accept them.
  • Order Drawback: With the good must come the bad. If a player chooses to take on the order's benefit for her character, she must also accept the order's drawback.
  • Character Creation: Suggestions for players on which Traits are most appropriate for characters of the order. Remember that these are suggestions only, not hard-and-fast rules.
  • Quote: A comment indicative of members of the order.
  • Outlooks: The order's outlook on the rest of the inquisition, the Flock and the Adversary.