Titles Within The Orders

The orders maintain their own ranks within their hierarchy. From their point of view, any titles bestowed upon their members by the Inquisition are honorifics that add to prestige, but hardly indicative of a member's standing in the order as a whole. Inquisitors proudly identify with their order's titles as well as their inquisitorial positions.

The Knights of Acre are very proud of their title hierarchy. At the top is the Grand Master, followed by the Commander of the Tongue, Commander of the True Cross (Lord of Fortress of the Cross), Commander of the Knights, Knight Brother, Turcoplier (Commander of the Sergeants of Battle), the Under-Marshal (Commander of the footmen), Sergeant Brother of Battle, the Standard Bearer, the Turcopoles (local, non-noble troops) andm finally, the sick and elderly brothers.

The Red Order bestows the degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor upon its more accomplished members. One with a bachelor's degree has no honorific. Members call them Brother or Sister. A master is called Master, like "Master Eduard of Glascony." A doctor is a Most Reverent Doctor and receives great respect.

The Sisters of Saint John only have novices, Sisters and one Mother Superior per convent. Novices have no title, as they have not yet chosen their holy name, nor have they entered the order proper. Sisters are merely Sister, followed by their name. A Mother Superior is calld simply "Mother Superior."

The Eyes of God don't discuss titles, because it might betray their standing within the vasy European conspiracy. They assemble themselves based entirely on seniority, and they believe overt titles might give them and their superiors away. When pressed, they either make up a title or pick one at random from the Sword of Saint James.

The House of Murnau prides itself on its noble lineage. The head of the House is still the Count of Murnau, and other family members figure out their titles from there. For example, a cousin will be the "Third Cousin of the Count of Murnau." House members concoct titles that are both impressive and have as many links to the current head of the house as possible.